Pelvic floor chair (Emsella)


The pelvic floor chair stimulates the entire pelvic floor muscles. This provides renewed control
over the pelvic floor muscles and bladder, which can lead to greater control of urine leakage and improve the intimacy experience.

Suitable for you as

  • You need support in training the pelvic floor muscles after childbirth (from 3 months after childbirth)
  • You are an active woman with incontinence problems
  • You have a diminished intimacy experience


During treatment, you will take a seat on the pelvic floor chair. The treatment is non-invasive; you can keep your clothes on. You will experience tingling due to the contractions of the pelvic floor muscles. A treatment takes about 30 minutes.
A personalized treatment plan is drawn up in consultation with Dr. Marijke Aerts. A typical treatment regimen consists of 6 treatments of about 30 minutes over a 3-week period.

We find the treatment that is best for you

Before each treatment, Doctor Marijke Aerts receives you for an exploratory intake interview. Dr. Aerts outlines a full picture of the options and possible risks and considers which treatment is appropriate for the desired outcome.

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Other treatments at Gynaecoplus

Gynecologist Marijke Aerts determines with you the appropriate treatment to obtain the desired result.

Pelvic floor chair (Emsella)

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