About us

Our mission

Childbirth, menopause, aging and other natural factors change the health and anatomy of the vagina and vulva. Because of the taboo around this, many women still suffer in silence. My mission is to inform women that there are solutions to this. I often hear “what is normal” or “am I normal.” Every vagina and vulva is unique and diverse, but the subjective perception of this should be negotiable.

At Gynaecoplus, a personal approach is important, a clear explanation of procedures and expectations. I believe in transparency and open communication so that you can make decisions about your health and well-being with confidence.

In doing so, I hope to revolutionize the way women think and talk about their intimate health.

The team at Gynaecoplus consists of

Christine van Hecke


Doctor Marijke Aerts

Cosmetic – aesthetic – functional – regenerative gynecologist

Kristien Dejonghe

Menopause Consultant

We make sure every patient is comfortable, gets the right info and support. Are you curious about the treatments we can offer you?

Bedankt voor uw interesse in onze behandeling.

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